What people are saying about Kandice Swarthout

"This course was very informative. Thank you!"

"Very informative and expert RDH presenting."

"Wonderful presentation! Very informative topic and helpful with a topic that we deal with in our practices and daily lives."

"Very thorough and approachable for questions and comments afterwards."

"Info was very relatable and I learned a lot. Thank you so much for presenting on such relevant topics."

"I really appreciate the research and depth of subject mater that was provided on this course. Both presenters did a great job. I love that a former student was mentored and allowed to help present on this topic. Well done!"

Course Attendees

"I have heard Kandice Swarthout present many times and I have to say, she never disappoints! She is always so knowledgeable and passionate about her topics, which are current, relevant, and always eye-opening. I have looked around the room as Kandice is presenting and each and every one is so engaged in what she is saying. She really makes you think! After hearing her speak, you come away feeling empowered and inspired to make a difference yourself. Kandice Swarthout is delightful, a true professional, an expert in her field—and one of my all-time favorite speakers!"

Tammy Hale; MeD, RDH
First year clinic coordinator

"Since learning basic Motivational interviewing skills in Kandice's course, I've been using a lot of open ended questions and reflective listening. It has been working well with patients when it comes to chief complaints and reasoning behind why patients deny or delay needed treatment. Patients are way more receptive."

Sophia Etcheverry; RDH Dallas, Texas

"Kandice is a fantastic speaker in how she uses her counseling skills and combines it with dental hygiene patient management! She is passionate, knowledgeable and approachable! Her enthusiasm in speaking, pulls you in and keeps you engaged the entire time!"

Christine McClellan
Director, Dental Hygiene Program, Collin College

"Kandice came and spoke to our ROOT Dental Hygiene Study Club last year and was absolutely amazing!!! Her interactive style with the audience really kept everyone engaged as well as entertained. I would HIGHLY recommend any group that is looking for a highly educated speaker on the topic of 'Substance Abuse' to bring her in for a presentation - you will not regret it!"

Amit M Patel, DDS, MSD
Owner, ROOT - Periodontal and Implant Centers

“Kandice Swarthout is an excellent speaker. She has complete grasp of the topic she speaks on and speaks clearly in a way that is engaging and illuminating. Audiences leave with a clear understanding of the top of the presentation.”

Wayne Ku DDS; Plano, Texas