Kandice has been a dental hygienist since 1997 and continues to work in private practice part time as well as a Licensed Professional Counselor. She is a full time professor of dental hygiene in Dallas where she teaches Community Dentistry and Research and Clinic II and III. Kandice is inspired by her students’ research and mentors them toward publication and public speaking. She is involved in the Governmental Affairs Counsel and has spoken to the Senate and House Health Committees to endorse local anesthesia for hygienists in Texas. Kandice maintains a certification as a kettlebell instructor with StrongFirst where she teaches and promotes strength and wellness.

As an experienced education professional, Kandice is also an author and has numerous publications that include peer reviewed continuing education on clinical dental related topics. Her featured topics include: Managing anxious patients, preventing clinical burnout, clinical manifestations of substance abuse and related stigmas, oral implications of Celiac Disease, and the systemic and oral consequences of the chemicals in soda.

Kandice is a Licensed Professional Counselor trained in crisis intervention and trauma. She has worked in private practice and community settings. Her biggest passion in counseling is working with incarcerated individuals. She spent 2 years working one on one in a county jail where she learned more about compassion and that everyone has a story. Kandice has spoken at multiple Texas Dental Hygiene Association component continuing education events, Southwest Dental Conference, Last Friday CE for Professional Counselors, and study clubs.


  • Texas Woman’s University Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene

  • Texas Woman’s University Master of Science in Counseling and Development

  • Emotional Transformation Therapy Level I

  • Over 100 hours of psychodrama training

  • Strong First Kettlebell Instructor Level 1

  • Dimensions: Motivational Interviewing for Behavior Change - Level 1

  • Behavioral Health and Wellness Program, University of Colorado Anschutz School of Medicine